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Accident Commission, General Air Transport Authority, Civil Aviation Sub secretariat, Ministry of Transport and Communication, Spain. Aircraft collision of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) Boeing 747 PH-BUF and Pan American World Airways (Pan AM) Boeing 747 N736PA at Los Rodeos ( Tenerife ) on March 27, 1977. Joint report, July 12, 1978. The report said that during takeoff, the KLM B-747 collided with the PAN AM b-747 on the runway in weather conditions of light rain and fog.

Both aircraft were destroyed by the collision and post impact fire.

Fourteen crew members and 234 passengers were killed on KLM airplane.

Nine crew members and 326 passengers were killed on PAN AM airplane (including nine passengers who subsequently died of injuries received).

Seven crew members , two employees and 52 passengers were injured on Pan AM airplane.

Spanish accident investigation authorities said,” The Fundamental cause of this accidents was the fact that the KLM captain : took off without clearance; did not obey the stand by for takeoff’ from the tower; did not interrupt takeoff when the Pan AM (crew) reported that they were still on the runway; and, in reply to the flight engineer’s query as to whether the Pan Am (aircraft) had already left the runway, replied emphatically in the affirmative.”



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